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Exit Interviewing & Exit Surveying

When people leave an organisation, george naylor associates are an impartial third party who can really help employees give honest feedback in either telephone, based exit interviews or online exit surveys.

We can help you improve employee retention and engagement by:

  • Finding out why employees leave
  • Establishing whether they are moving to work with your competitors – and if so why?
  • Spotting trends in causes connected with length of service, promotion, legislation or terms and conditions
  • Getting feedback on company operations and policies to spot any areas needing improvement within specific departments
  • Getting feedback on the successes as well, you and your team need to know when you do things right too!
  • Gathering information on how employees perceive the:
    • Environment
    • Remuneration package
    • Management
    • Work itself
    • Company
    • Compensation / Benefits
    • Safety
  • Reducing the risk of tribunal cases by checking that race, gender, age or safety had no part to play in their decision to leave (we notify you immediately if it did)
  • Answering any questions that the employee might have
  • Settling arrangements for the return of company equipment
  • Reminding the employee of his or her confidentiality obligations
  • Leaving the employee with a positive image of the company, an advocate of your business

Career Insight is an online system for surveying, collating and presenting continuous employee opinion data. Powerful and easy to use Career Insight delivers targeted, relevant and actionable insights on employee’s opinions, when joining, during their career and when they leave. Insights which will save you money, reduce turnover and increase employee commitment and energy. Career Insight creates powerful finely specified reports via a secure online web portal which can be accessed by anyone in your organisation with the relevant security clearance.

What this means in practice is that as many HR Managers, Department Heads or Company Directors have access to a regular, always up to date reports which are tailored to help them carry out their roles with the very latest employee insights.

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