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George Naylor Associates
Welcome to George Naylor Associates
GNA works with discerning organisations who want to make the most of their performance data. We have more than a decadeís experience and a track record of innovation in providing leading edge information management solutions to UK and global businesses.

This could be freshly discovered input from your employees, customers or competitors by way of a survey or review, or it may be data you already have from other sources, but are not making the most of.

We specialise in bespoke research and data management solutions. We gather, manage and maximise the value in all your information by having a peerless multidisciplinary team on hand that includes psychologists, statisticians, business consultants, programmers, designers and project managers.

GNA can design and carry out original research using traditional paper surveys or using sophisticated online methods. Then, rather than simply leaving you stranded with a complex report... we help you integrate and embed improved ways of working. Ways to use your new intelligence that will save time and money and deliver real business advantage through improved performance.

We always avoid jargon and we take time to listen to what you need to achieve before getting started. All our work is designed specifically for you, itís bespoke to your exact needs and this means that all reports and action plans are specifically targeted to your organisation and to where you are headed as a company.

We pride ourselves on being different to the rest. Give us a call and have a no obligation chat, to talk through your needs and hear our ideas for solutions to the challenges you face.
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