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George Naylor Associates
George Naylor Associates Initial Interviewing
This service is really an extension of pre-screening work and involves us carrying out the initial interview with a prospective employee on your behalf.

We start with the specific competencies and behaviours that you want your employees to exhibit, we work with you to tailor our initial interview questions towards these goals and we establish the criteria for progressing or declining an application based on a scoring system.

Strong and weak areas are flagged, saving your HR recruitment team or managers time and valuable resources if you decide to take the application further.

As with pre-screening, we can handle as much or as little as is required, sending out letters of invitation and information packs, running through arrangements for the next stage and checking understanding. We can also allow candidates to call us if they have any questions before their main interview or assessment day.

Our detailed online reports show you where we are at every stage and important success data is compiled into reports by region, time period or job type etc.

Effectively you are increasing the quality of your recruits before you spend valuable resources on expensive interviews or assessments. Being seen to give a great deal of one to one time with each person applying to work with you also strengthens your brand equity and image, showing you to be a thorough and caring employer.
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