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George Naylor Associates
George Naylor Associates Exam/Qualification Marking & Management
If you offer your employees qualifications as a way of progressing their careers and driving quality and compliance with health and safety regulations, you will probably see what a drain exam administration and management can be on your resources.

We can act in a bureau capacity, handling as much or as little as you need.

  • UK and international Freepost services for return of completed exam forms etc.
  • Optomechanical or hand keyed form reading and data inputting
  • Exam marking services
  • Notification in post, email or online letting people know their results
  • Full reporting and feedback to yourselves of employees results
  • Provision of freephone number for employees to call with enquiries
  • Scanning images of exam forms to databases or onto CDROM for archiving and lookup
  • Secure storage and timed destruction of paper exam papers
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